Wheel life, wheel talk!

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged. I deleted my previous blogs and I am going to start fresh.

For those of you that know me, know that I have transverse myelitis, in 2006 I was struck with it and paralyzed from my chest down in a matter of hours.

I am a wife, a mother, a daughter and so much more than just my chair.

I usually post an anniversary post each year and last year I did not.  I’d like to write about 2017, one of my best and worst years of my life.  I always hold back writing about my personal life and poor health due to the fact that I am so not an attention seeker. Hoping someday my story may help others, even if it helped one person, I’d be happy.

Going way back, I remember when I first started my period, I was doubled over with the worse stomach cramps ever! I was 11 years old, at my family reunion in Kentucky, started on my great aunt & uncles bed, messed their sheets up and what made it even worse, everyone knew that little Kimmy started her period! Talk about embarrassing!!!!

My Mother also had horrible periods and ended up having to have a full hysterectomy. Each month, every single month there was a day or two I was in bed with horrible cramps and bleeding. Begging for mercy!    You would think, being sick, paralyzed, that maybe just maybe your periods would stop too (wishful thinking) but no!

I was very anemic for many many years, to the point the last 5 years I was having blood transfusions a few times a year. My Drs. kept telling me that I needed to have a hysterectomy and I would blow them off (Im a horrible patient) I guess it was because it was so final, I didn’t want anymore babies, but I didn’t want the surgery knowing I will never be able to have anymore babies (don’t try to make sense of it)  Well, because I am paralyzed, and this is the TMI embarrassing part, I had major issues going number 2 😦   Can’t believe I am even typing this right now, but again, all in hopes that I may help someone some day, so here it goes.  After 11 years of being in the bathroom from 2-4 hours every single day!!! Yes 2-4 hours each day, I would sit in my bathroom on a potty chair that sat over my existing toilet and hope that I had a successful day! Looking back now, I wish I had done online schooling, I could have gotten the highest degree out there with how many hours that I spent in that tiny little bathroom 😦  THANK GOD THAT IS IN MY PAST! Here’s why. I started getting complications due to the hours of sitting, trying to push, etc… that I started bleeding from that end as well (SORRY TMI I KNOW) but this is real life in a wheelchair y’all and it’s my story and I have to tell it.

So the last 2-3 blood transfusions, I had allergic reactions! Crazy because I have a rear blood disorder, where they have to wash and spin my blood to get the antibodies out and that process takes almost 24 hours, so every time I needed a transfusion it was a long and difficult process (of course).

The very last blood transfusion, I had a bad reaction after my first bag of blood, fever, high blood pressure, body shakes, I was FREEZING! The hospital staff reacted immediately, steroids and benadryl right into my IV. I could not get the 2nd bag of blood that I so needed. I knew that I no longer could wait to have the dreaded surgeries,  I didn’t have a choice if I wanted to survive. I was literally bleeding to death, and now blood transfusions were no longer an option for me.

I met with my awesome gynecologist who has been telling me for years that I needed a hysterectomy and I met with my awesome colorectal surgeon who would be performing the other surgery. These 2 Drs. worked at the same hospital and knew of each other. They got in touch with each other and worked up the details and both called me multiple times as they changed around things due to how risky they both knew these surgeries were for me due to my health, my bleeding issues, my anemia, low blood pressure and more! They worked up the best plan they could to make it the fastest and safest surgery for me!  I could not ask for better Drs. I am so blessed.

So a year ago, I had a hysterectomy and a colostomy done at the same time. I was in and out of the hospital in under a week (BEGGING EVERYDAY TO GO HOME). Both surgeries were a success and both surgeries not only saved my life, but has improved the quality of my life in words that I cannot begin to describe in this blog.   How about I leave it for next time! This one is long enough! I will describe life this past year, I did not even get to one of the happiest days of my whole life yet!  Stay tuned! until next time, xo